msm masterclass

Where: (Dec 19: the course provision is being reviewed in early 2020. Please check this page for updates)


Provider: ROAM Team, NHS Lothian
Cost: Free to attend


Across Scotland, gay, bisexual and all men who have sex with men (MSM) face health inequalities that affect their physical, mental and sexual health.  This training aims to complement existing skills and enable service providers at all levels to address and understand some of these issues and build confidence in engaging MSM.  The training seeks to ensure services are welcoming and inclusive spaces which meet the needs of men who are looking for support.

The content for this training has been created from a number of sources that help us think about the health and wellbeing of MSM.  It has been informed primarily by the 2014 Scottish Government funded HIV Prevention Needs Assessment conducted by NHS GG&C and NHS Lothian.


The Masterclass will consist of three phases:

1. Preparation – complete a self-guided introductory module and a reflection exercise.

2. Participation – attend the half-day training event and participate in the special topic sessions.

3. Practice – consider how the training has impacted your practice and interactions with MSM.


The three new topics will cover:

  1. Digital Lives
  2. Living with HIV
  3. Transgender – Raising Awareness

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding of the health inequalities experienced by MSM, as well as some of the cultural and political reasons which explain these inequalities.
  • Increased knowledge of the health behaviours and outcomes among MSM in Scotland.
  • Improved awareness of current and emerging interventions.
  • Practical ways to apply concepts covered in the training to influence service-provider and service-user relationships, ensuring services are more accessible and inclusive for MSM in general.

Who is this training for?

Attendance is open to clinical, health improvement/public health and third sector staff and volunteers who work with MSM.